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Effective auditing is an integral part to the smooth operations of all companies by measuring their overall performances and productivity. Ensuring an effective system of internal controls helps a company maintain up to date financial reports on its operations and also in preventing fraud and any misappropriation of assets. By having effective internal auditors, a company can detect and prevent any irregular transaction and maintain proper business records. They also document all material irregularities in case of any investigation by the management if warranted. As in every company, an important part of prevention is deterrence and if a company has a diligent audit system, it can prevent an employee or vendor from attempting a scheme to defraud the company.

Also, auditing gives investors and stakeholders confidence in a particular company by providing them credible information on financial statements and how well the company is run. It is also important to have up to date audits as financial analysts use audited information to determine the value of a company’s shares. Conducting regular audits also gives the company a chance to learn new ways to improve certain processes and procedures, help reduce debt-service interest and institute necessary capital-management techniques to improve the company’s performance.

  • Statutory Audit
  • Studying, designing and evaluating the internal control system, procedures and accounting policies
  • Internal audit services and preparation of a manual of procedures and policies
  • Designing and evaluating accounting systems and increasing their effectiveness and efficiency
  • Designing documentary cycle and follow-up the good implementation
  • The preparation of the financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards